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2009-06-18 07:18 am

Hello Dreamwidth! I don't know if I'll ever update you again.

This is my first dreadwidth post. I just imported all of my old friends and entries and the profile from livejournal. The funny thing though is that Dreamwidth randomly added Margaret Cho's pom chi chi video to my profile. WTF? That's so random.

I am so glad I snagged bigbadbutch. This is the best screenname.
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2008-10-06 08:01 am

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I participated on the friendacolypse in sfd and now I have too many friends. So I'm doing a friends cut. It's nothing personal. I'm just leaving this up for a little while before I do it so people don't freak out that I hate them or they said something wrong. I just can't keep up with this many journals. Don't comment about it because I'm not going to change my mind on who I cut.
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2008-05-27 08:12 am
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I am starting a new meme!

How do you think people see you? Could be how you think people see you in certain situations or how people see you in general. The only rule is that you use mspaint or something similar.

This is me*:


Everyone is tagged!
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2005-02-07 08:34 am

Friends Only

Friends Only

My Journal is friends only. Don't take it personally, it's not because I don't love you. It's because I don't trust you. But if you comment I'll probably add you. And, as long as you're interesting and update somewhat regularly we can be friends forever :)